White Noise Baby App Reviews

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Saving my sanity and money...

Until this app came along, my wife and I have been using the vacuum cleaner to sooth our 2 month old colicy son. This app saves us money and is easier to setup and run, plus, Ive stopped falling over the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night. I have to crank the volume to 11 for the vacuum to be effective, but it works. The rattle is a nice addition for short distractions.

Loves the rattle

We prefer a different white noise app (the adult version made by the same company) because the heartbeat sounds less tinney, but my nine-month-old LOVES the rattle feature on this app.

Great app

Ive used this since my daughter was born in 2009 and now with my second child.. The latest update where u can play it behind the scenes was way overdue but much appreciated!! Use this app every day and love it!

Awesome app

I love it! Everything is great, but I think you could add a noise like the heartbeat inside the womb sound. That swoosh swoosh swoosh sound.


Part of my nightly bedtime routine for my daughter!

Does what it says.

Easy to use. Nice selection of sounds. Often calms baby down immediately.

White noise rattle

This works really calms her down and relaxes her

Very convenient

My little guy is used to having noise as he goes to sleep. When we are out of the house this app helps him feel at home. I have it on all my phones so its always close


Great selection of white noises and lullabies!

Love it!

Great for when we are out of town, keeps him a sleep in a new environment.


Great for studying! Red Noise is nice for concentration.

Works great!

If all else fails, which happens quite a bit, I use this app. It works about 90% of the time. My 4 mo prefers the "hairdryer" noise over the others. Its really quite magical. Flip it on and "bam", baby starts to fall asleep.


It really works, hardly recomendded for all parents

Very good

Very helpful with the baby!!

We love it!

Our 3 month old baby loves this app... Especially the "red noise" and the classical music. Thanks for making it!

Very effective!

My babys choice is hair dryer, whats yours?

Great app

I use it to sleep every night. Its awesome!

Great app

My babies are now 13 and 15. I use this app for myself when its too quiet or when the birds start chirping at 5am. Wonderful!

Works great!

App is super easy to use and really helps to calm down my baby.

This app is a must .!

Best .99 cents I think Ive ever spent .! My daughter has colic and sleeps so much better with this app.!

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