White Noise Baby 应用的评论


Awesome! Love the "Cry Detection" feature!

Cry detection option is amazing! Baby cries... Noise comes on... Baby falls back to sleep!

Can’t sleep without it!

I got this app when I had my baby and intended to use it for her. And now, five years later I’m still using it...for myself to fall asleep at night. It’s an awesome app. Love the “car ride” setting!


It is the best app

I sleep like a baby!

50 years old and I’m apparently regressing. Your app has me sleeping like a baby.


I’ve used this app ever since my son was an infant and he just turned three. So many different noise choices to choose from that it gives you just about everything you could ever think of. And he sleeps wonderfully! I use it too when I can’t sleep. Gray noise all the way for our family!

It works....

Vacuum noise is perfect

Can't live without it

This works great to keep the baby asleep through all noises and the night, I've used with both of my kids and works wonderful.


Been using this app for years I prefer pink noise and I’ve never had any issues.

Life Saver

Baby wouldn’t let us put him down... throwing the sleep sack in the dryer and playing this apps “Mom’s Heartbeat” sound did the trick INSTANTLY. Total game changer.

I’m 36- I use this app for me

I have trouble sleeping, especially when I’m staying elsewhere this app helps my brain ignore snoring, other noises and I sleep better!

Happy baby

Loves every detail

Love this app.

I use this app every single night for myself. Not just for babies.

Baby Noise

Can’t sleep without it!

Love this app

I found this app when my daughter was about 1 she is 6 now, and I use it for my youngest and myself. I love the sounds available and how portable it is.

Love it

I use it every night as a noise machine.


I LOVE this app! Perfect white noise to fall asleep to!!

I love this for myself

I’m 37 and I love this app to help me sleep when I’m away from home! It’s the best one I’ve found. I’m in the army so I’m away a lot. And this app really helps me knock out fast in the barracks!!

Best Baby Noise App

I’m a newborn photographer and the pink noise is the BEST for keeping babies sleepy! I also love the fan for when we are out of town and need noise.

Love it

Seriously one of the best sound machine apps out there, haven’t found a better one yet-best thing is I always have one with me to block out noise so my baby can sleep better! Better sleep for baby means better sleep for mama!

Best app ever !

I use this every day to put my baby asleep to Chopin !!!! Works like a charm to put her into deep sleep

Best app

My son Had colic when he was a baby, and this app was a lifesaver. It would calm him so much.

My baby can’t sleep without it.

My son is 10 Weeks and I have been using this app with him since he came from the hospital. He won’t sleep without. It’s such a benefit for me and my sleep and my insanity. We absolutely love it.

LOVE it!

I have 7 grandkids and this app earned me the title of baby whisperer! The youngest is asleep on me now thanks to her fav, the hairdryer!

Love this app

I've used this app for the last couple of years to help me sleep. I travel a lot and it is so helpful to have an app on my phone that has exactly the white noise I need to drown out all the other random noises.

Sleep saver!

This app is amazing. I bought it not knowing it also had classical music to play. Turns out my baby sleeps best to Chopin!

Great app

My 2 year loves this app!

Great app!

I've used this with both my kids and the "blue noise" always soothes them to sleep!

Works Amazingly

I really have no complaints. Has helped when my three kids each were going to bed. Also helped when my white noise machine broke and I needed a temporary solution. The best noise is car ride by far.


I love this app. I have slept to it for years now. Works perfectly and ground sounds options.

Great resource

Love the many options of sound. This has been a lifesaver for creating "white noise" for baby. Haven't used the game on here but will likely once baby is older and more interactive. Would definitely recommend

Love this!

Originally downloaded for my baby when she was younger and now I can't sleep without it! Love it!!


I love this app is it help me to sleep baby

Pretty please.

Please. Bring Red Noice back.

Great for Adults Too!

Vacation noise probs got you down? This is your app. Or, lack of white noise keeping you awake? This is for you. Lots of different sound options and doesn't sap my iPhone battery even when running all night. Has been a sleep saver on dozens of occasions in the past few years.

Best Sleep

Love this app! We use it everywhere we go! Great for noisy hotels!

Drowns out noise

I've been using this for every sleep time for baby. It drowns out the noise of daily home life. I can't sleep with out it myself.

Great app

Our daughter is soothed instantly by the Doppler sound offered in this app.

Perfect for my needs

Love the versatility, sound quality, and price.

Great app

My babies are now 13 and 16. I use this app for myself when it's too quiet or when the birds start chirping at 5am. Wonderful!


This is so amazing I use it every single time I need to go to sleep and it works like a charm every time I'm sacked out in like 10 minutes!!

Great app!

Works great for newborns!

Love it!!!

We use the app several times a time and at night. Our son hates to sleep, he fights his sleep at nap time and at bed time. But with this app it has made it so much easier for us!!

Great App

This App has got me thru some tough times. Calmed my daughter almost immediately. Soothing melodies help my preemie to sleep. Never any issues with App. 👍🏼👍🏼

Love it!

Worked wonders for my little one!

This app helps me to fall sleep!

I prefer the "Brown Noise" setting to fall asleep. 😴

Use it for my baby everyday!

I love this app. I use the lullabies every night in our bedtime routine and use the white noise sounds while she sleeps. I love that it's on my phone so I can also use it in the car when she is fussy and it helps calm her down quick. I've downloaded it on multiple devices so I will always have it with me. Also, if I put my phone on silent, I can play it as loud as it will go and all my phone calls and text messages still stay silent.

My baby loves it

I love this app, It calms baby and puts her to sleep.

Makes me feel so happy

I love it it makes me feel so happy and it makes me So much sleepy


Great app

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